What makes a good oyster?

Rodney’s Oyster Depot grows this Oyster, and that is the highest compliment one could give the knowing Oyster eater. To track that Oyster’s journey from spat, to seed, to juvenile, to your fork, all through a system of discipline, brilliant.

ROD is an ongoing exercise of water stewardship, environmental awareness, and a green plant design. This relationship is between Mother Nature and Man’s attempt to have Her acceptance in growing an Oyster.

What makes a good Oyster? Ask any traditional fisherman, they will go through their day’s efforts and pull one out saying,”There’s a Beauty!”. Through our water culturing, it is our hope at ROD we can have all of them, in the boat, as beauties, not just a few. CONSISTENCY to an Oyster’s shape, to an Oyster’s sizing, to an Oyster meat…all these three keys, gives the end user the great Oyster.

Using systems of computerized GPS plots, on over 30 acres of water flats that see 6′ of sea water at high tide, is one area at ROD that is a tool to knowing where one’s tomorrow Oyster is today. Inventory in the ocean’s own walk-in cooler.

The South shore of Prince Edward Island ‘s Northumberland Strait, off of Nine Mile Creek, gives a full ocean environment, on the tides, to these great Oysters. The meats are treated to shallow water feedings and a high salinity bath to finish their liquids equalling an Oyster of sweet and salt character.

This is a Brilliant Oyster, for it’s consistencies, for you! Look for them,from Rodney’s Oyster Depot in sizing of brand names, that range from Dukes(2.5″), Princes(3″), Queens(4″), and Kings(%”)+.