The oysters we carry

A common question we get in the Wholesale Department is, “What oysters do you have available?” Below are just some of the varieties that you can purchase through the Rodney’s Wholesale Department. If you don’t see the one for which you are looking or if you want more information, please contact the Wholesale Department at (416) 363-8105 ext. 29. You can also contact our Wholesale Manager, Michel Longuet, directly at (416) 364-3790.

East Coast

ROD Duke

Low tide harvested by hand from the hard packed sand and clay bottom ofsoutheastern Prince Edward Island. Raised in baskets, fisnished on Rodney’s Oyster Depot lease. Well manicured shells, the meats are sweetly and salty. Small Choice. Available October through January.

Indian Creek

Tonged by hand from the northwestern Prince Edward Island.Consistent shells, the meats are sweetly and salty. Small Choice. Available May through February.
Malpeque – Long recognized as one of the world’s knowned oysters. Cultivated in select areas of Prince Edward Island. Fishermen still use traditional hand-held rakes for harvesting from growing beds. Small/large Choice and Standards. Available mid-May through January.

Raspberry Point

Harvested from the northern stock of oysters in North America. These are the pride of Prince Edward Island. Small/Large Choice. Available June through January.

Village Bay – 100ct

Small choice oysters from Bedec Bay in New Brunswick, Canada. The five year growth period in suspended culture for these oysters produces a crisp meat with medium salinity. Available year round.


Growned in a suspended culture systemi New Brunswick, Canada. A dark and heavy shell encases a firm, sweet oyster. Small Choice or Cocktail. Available year round.


Harvested in eastern New Brunswick, south of Gaspe in the baie des Chaleurs. Firm, mildly rich meats with a clean finish. Small/coktail Choice. Available June through December.


Renowned eastern oyster, harvested from the Mystic river beds inConnecticutt. Prized for its distinctive, flavor and meaty texture. Mixed grade. Available all year long.


One of the most famous Cape Cod oyster bed. They are farm raised in Barnstable, Massachusetts. They are knowned for their deep cup shape and beige to light grey plump meat. Mix grade, Medium/large. Available September through June.

West Coast

Chef Creek

Cultivated in British Columbia’s Baynes Sound, moved from suspended trays to an intertidal area for hardening. Similar to the Fanny Bay oyster with a mildly briny and sweet taste. Available year round.


A small, deeply cupped oyster named for the Japanese bay they originated in. These small oysters take several years to grow but their salty, sweet flavor makes up for what they lack in size. Available year- round.

Kusshi – 120ct

Farmed in suspended trays and aggressively tumbled to produce a small yet firm shell with a very deep cup. Plump, soft meats with a sweet finish. Available September through June.