We lament the alarming trend of The Styrofoam Lunch Container and Plastic Fork, carried into the corporate cubicle for something called “lunch.” This has led Rodney’s No.1 Head Cook Rodrigo to create and implement The Galley Lunch –  7 + offerings falling under the $10.00 mark. We are all hoping this renews the Urban core of worker bees’ interest in taking a true break for 45 minutes at lunch, and stems the above mentioned Syndrome.  A Revival of Social Intercourse, Friendship and the Rejuvenation of the Mind through the Stomach!  Rodney’s is respectful of the budgetary concerns of society and therefore we also suggest creativity in splitting items, having communal mid-table platters for sharing, and half-order tactics. Water is good.

To encourage this return to the Social, we have developed a (for the first time) WagJag Coupon Program starting August 9. This program will be honoured at the House on King Street West for our Lunch Galley, Monday to Friday, 11:30AM till 4:30 PM, and will be available at www.Wagjag.com.  We believe the Summerlishious program, and other Lunch Discounted Programs, do not truly direct the eater to value or strong ‘good-for-you’ food groups.  In the Seafood world, things are expensive, coming in over the side of the boat, so this is our solution. We wish you, our old and new patrons, as always, to be the final judge, leaving a clean plate…….