Fattening up for Fall

Hello new Oyster eaters and Patrons of Rodney’s 24 years of Oystering.

What is it with this time on our calendar?  Is it the peripheral vision we have to our day that picks up the signals: back to school supply ads, maybe the winter coat pictures on the back page of the glossy magazines, or going to the local market and seeing squash and pumpkins, rather than asparagus and peas.  Then there are the greens in the landscape that are deeper in color, almost seeming thicker and heavier, and the talk is about work, at work. Yes.  All these indicators lead us into the Oyster’s traditional high period.

For it is getting colder in and on the water, especially the prime Oyster grow-outs in the higher reaches of the Northern hemisphere – that is, Atlantic Canada.

Less alga foods, due to degrees of water coldest, lead the Oyster to start to tighten up, fatten up, and sit up!

What can we expect for the “R” months in the Oyster, at Rodney’s?

– First shipments of our own seasonal efforts, off Nine Mile Creek, PEI, in the Rodney’s Oyster Depot Farm.

– Yes, we will see the small but perfect shape of the North shore of New Brunswick and the results of their intense Oyster-Gro Systems and programs.

– Just maybe we can find some size and certainly the signature of fullness in some of the 1300 members of The Oyster Growers Association of America which starts in Maine and ends in Texas.

– Rodney’s is well aware that some of you are anxiously awaiting news of the boutique seasonal grower, who Rodney’s befriended over the recent evolution from oyster fisheries’ volumes to a selection of very passionate private lease/grant water Oyster work in the hands and minds of terroir aqua-farmers.

– We are aware the urban markets will be inundated with branding Oyster practises that will offer the consumer another wave of Oyster names on top of the hundreds which have flooded Oyster Beds of North America’s presenting Houses over the past 5 years.

These are some things to expect.

There will be stories told and Oysters eating that will reveal the passion The Crew has catalogued for our Patrons’ enjoyment and continued journey in eating one of the most exciting food groups man can put their hand on.

Rodney’s prides itself on what and where, who and why in our direct-to-water Oyster sourcing.

Thank You for the past 24 years, and for supporting the hands that work the water.  These water-women and -men truly do appreciate your support.

Oyster – Up, my good friends, for it is time the walrus said to talk of many things………..