The Peak Season, Crabs and the Oyster Quickie

The top of the Mountain, oyster cycle-wise, is very clearly in sight! As the waters get colder and the oyster’s food supply starts to shrink, the oyster packs on the pounds to get through the cold, hungry winter months.  What we see on the bed right now are oysters at their very best – plump and succulent, beautifully firm and opaque.  Dense meat, indeed.  Truly a great time to belly up to the bar for a quick dozen. Or three.

We were saddened that the mighty Red Alaskan King Crab chose not to pay a visit this Season – for some reason, the only Kings being fished were too small to be worth the effort (only 2-3 lbs), and so we decided to pass. We’ve been playing with fresh Urchin, and getting some beautiful Jonah Crab claws up from New England instead.  We hope to see the Brown Kings this February – fingers crossed.

This holiday Season, we are offering the Rodney’s Oyster Quickie for those of you who might have “Oyster at Home” moments to spring up at the last minute. 24 Duke-grade oysters from our own lease off Nine Mile Creek on the south coast of PEI, unshucked, boxed up and ready to go at a moment’s notice.  Maybe you’ve met someone nice and want to take the party home with you? Maybe your husband also likes oysters but was thoughtfully watching the kids?  Maybe a few friends are dropping by, and you’re thinking about a nice, budget-conscious option to start the evening? We make it quick to pick up 2 dozen to carry wherever you’re going.  Call the Front of House at 416-363-8105 xt 0 or ask any of the crew to help you out.