Change, and The Rise of the Oyster

Our biggest immediate news is that on October 31, after 3 1/2 years, we ended our partnership with Rodney’s By Bay.  It was a good run on Temperance Street, but ultimately we felt the relationship between our two restaurants was becoming too confusing, and so we decided to cut the line.  We wish John all the best as he moves forward with other projects, and we thank those that supported our efforts in the downtown core.

What’s on the bed?  Well, the water is getting colder, and the oyster, like the bear, is fattening up for the Cold Months ahead. While we are fortunate to see great oysters year-round, we feel that the oyster is reaching its apex in terms of flavour and texture over the next month and a half, so it’s a great time to come down.  The artisanal farmers begin releasing the oysters they have been sitting on, and we start seeing the likes of the Shan Daph, the Pemaquid and the Sand Dune, as well as some Queens and even Kings off our own lease.

To complement the Oyster, we’ve got a new wine list, including some secret premium stuff for those who want to spend their xmas bonus early this year.

Finally, the Season sees the arrival of the Red King Crab. The Kings are currently being fished, but the only ones available are in the small (2-3 lb) range, and so we’re holding off until we start seeing the size come up to a point where the visuals start to play into the meal. Say 6+ lbs.  Hopefully soon.

As always, to reserve a table or ask about what’s shucking, dial in to 416-363-8105 ext 0 and any of the crew will be glad to help you out.  We’re looking forward to a great holiday Season this year, and we hope you’ll join us for a pint, a splash and a good feed.