The Harbor Wharf at Nine Mile Creek

The Harbor Wharf at Nine Mile Creek

From the Oyster Depot one can look out at low tide beyond The Hammocks to St. Peter’s Island, and there, just in front of you, lies the Oyster of tomorrow.

It’s here in Nine Mile Creek, Prince Edward Island, that Rodney’s Oyster Depot supplies quality Oysters across Canada and the United States to wholesalers and directly to restaurants and Oyster Houses. It’s also here where we’ve put our new way of growing Oysters into action.

In our quest for a true artisanal Oyster, Rodney’s Oyster Depot has adopted a fresh, modern method of cultivating, harvesting and marketing shellfish. With an eye to both sustainability and a minimal carbon footprint, Rodney’s Oyster Depot is a statement to the future, today. We see the Oyster as a crop in a watery field; each one an individual that needs to be tended and nurtured and understood. At ROD, we understand the Oyster and assist it in its growth journey. Our methods help yield a traditional larger sizing, with an eye to consistency of shape, and finally, given time, to the Oyster of tomorrow, with high meat yields and delectable flavors.

Rodney’s Oyster Depot is a good measure to GREAT OYSTERS!