Amazingly, Xmas Party Season is around the corner …

… and it might be time to think about booking with us.  God’s teeth, it’s just Fall and we’re talking about where you’ll be celebrating in November and December!  It’s heartbreakingly early for that conversation … but it’s something to consider.  We don’t want anyone to be disappointed, and the Season is already starting to fill.

As always, we offer space for groups from 2 to 175, in a variety of configurations and styles. Cocktail events, seated dinners and buffet-style social gatherings are our usual stock in trade, but if you have another idea for an event we’re happy to explore it (in the last year we’ve had births, weddings and wakes – nice bookends for an entire life, let alone a restaurant’s year).

What are we doing for the Season? Lots of options. Here are some of them, but bear in mind that we like a challenge as well, so don’t think of this as an exhaustive list.

As always, we are big fans of Family Style service – plates of oysters, platters of appetizers and troughs of the finest fish, shellfish and crustaceans (and maybe a nice bit of flanksteak for the carnivores) all presented down a large table.  Everyone shares. Pricing is easy, because we can calculate an exact cost per person.

Maybe you’re looking for a little infotainment? Why not think about an Oyster 101 – Rodney, Bronwen or Julius can talk to you a bit about the oyster, it’s history and impact on the universe.  And of course, sex.  Everyone likes to talk about oysters and sex.  Pair the oyster with drinks – a little sake, a little beer, a little wine – and bond with your crew while exploring how the one affects the other?

(*A note about the Oyster and sex – oysters are often consumed with alcohol, which has been known to make people more attractive – within limits.  But there’s also some science around the purportedly ‘aphrodisiacal’ qualities of the bivalve. Which we think is interesting)

For the more competitive, we can show you how to shuck oysters (5-time Canadian Champ Eamon Clark is probably the best oyster shucker in the country right now), and then stage a mock shucking contest for the bravest in the group.  No catastrophic injuries so far. (But if you haven’t bled for the oyster, you’re not a real shucker).

If you’re travelling en masse this holiday and are looking for a delicious way to spend some quality time with coworkers or those you love, we are looking forward to putting something in the glass and on the plate for you. Contact Julius or Bronwen at 416-363-8105 ext 22 and we can discuss what you’re looking for.  And enjoy the Fall.  Dear God the year is flying by…

-The Crew