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You might have seen some changes to the old Mansion Nightclub at 10th and 4th over the last little while. Shadowy figures moving about inside.  Hammering. Drills.  You might even have wondered if a high-end steakhouse had taken over inside.  And you might have thought, “Another? Is that what Calgary really needs?”

We don’t think so either.  And thank god for that, because we don’t do beef. We don’t do pork, or chicken, or anything that breathes air.  It’s not that we can’t. We just choose not to – we try to get one thing right rather than be all things to all people.

Right now, we’re up to our elbows in rotten insulation, busted 2x4s and broken tiles.  Our “Shadowy Figures” are basically hauling trash.  But over the next few months, like the Ugly Duckling, the place is going to transform.  If you ever went to the Mansion, you’ll remember – the bones of the Room are great.  There is an amazing skylight that will open over the Oar Loft (our 2nd storey), and we’re bringing in a beautiful design to complement the rest of the space.  (Though not too beautiful – we’re an Oyster House, after all…)

Not everyone cares to see the ‘making of’ process – we’re not hurt if at this point you browse some other stuff on the site, see what the ROHC Stampede Breakfast will look like for example (actually, we’re still figuring that one out) – but if you’re interested, we’ll be updating you on the building process from time to time, with pictures and the like, so you can see how it’s going.  One of our challenges will be how to get a 3000 lb granite boulder into the space without going through the floor.  That should be interesting.

Check back for updates, and because it’s 2014, join our mailing list at We’ll let you know about upcoming events, menu items and stuff of interest.  And twitter.  It’s here: @RodneysCalgary Thanks very much.  See you soon.