Start your Engines, Lovers…

There’s SO MUCH LOVE at the Oyster House, we’re going to be serving our V-Day special Valentine's Day Menu 2014menu the day before and after as well.  Menu to the left:


Here’s some things to thinks about:

Consider the oyster itself – salty. Slick. When you eat it, you use your fingers. There’s no cutlery to intercede – the contact is intimate, between shell and skin.

You bring the oyster to your lips, and inhale the aroma.  It is of the earth, of the ocean.  As you tilt your head back it slides over your lips and across your tongue, bringing with it a blast of sea water and kelp.  You swallow.  Savour the experience.  Eyes open a little wider.  Wow.

If you’re eating oysters at home (or if you’re sitting at the bar and you don’t give a s#!t), if you’re sitting with someone sexy, it can be fun to eat an oyster this way: hold the shell of the oyster between your teeth, with the hinge facing in.  Your sexy friend moves in close and sucks the oyster out of the shell.  Like a blowback, but maybe we should call it the Salty Kiss?

There are lots of other ways to approach an oyster, of course, but for Valentine’s Day, if you eat it right, you might just get asked out on another date…

(And of course, wear a condom).

Happy Valentine’s Day,

The Crew