The King Crab, still making it’s journey into our tanks.  Such a tasty crab.  But now that it’s Spring (oh, yes, it’s Spring, even though Winter refuses to relinquish its grip on the base of our spines), we start to see some other Seasonal Produce making its way into our fridges.

Here’s some beautiful Fiddleheads and Sea Asparagus that’s just come in from BC.

IMG_20140326_144127And some lovely Arctic Char, coming live (and meeting a quick demise at the hands of a short piece of wood) from Angus, Ontario.

Artic Char They promise it will get warmer.  It’s hard to believe, but at the very least we’re getting the suggestion of the promise of Spring.  But pity the poor little oyster – still getting stomped out in the Maritimes by the neverending snows.  And yet we’ve still got some beauties showing up on our beds every week.  It makes you glad to be alive!