The Third Shipment is in the air – the Alaskan King Crabs are here.  After a successful Sunday night kickoff to the Season, we’ve seen the mighty Kings feed groups from 2 to 15 in the few days since, and we will continue putting them into the pots until the season ends.

For those that have not had live Alaskan King Crab with us, this is the process:

1) Call us and let us know you want to come in.  Tell us when and how many will be in your group. We’ll discuss how much Crab you’d like to put on the plate.  416-363-8105 ext 22.

2) When we open the boxes of Crab and weigh them, we will tag the crab closest to the weight you wanted with your name.  Because it’s a big night, you want to make sure the Crab you are waiting for doesn’t get sold out from under you, and this is how we make sure.

3) Once you arrive, we introduce you to the Crab (only name it if you are an unsentimental type), and then into the pot is goes.  After some minutes, out comes the tastiest crab of your life.  A premium item, for sure, at $75/pound this year, but one for the bucket list, and an extremely delicious Crab.

To get on our “King Crab Mailing List,” send an email to, and we’ll add your name.  We’ll update you on crab deliveries, as well as other special items of seafood that we see over the year (Urchins, Abalone, the Sand Dune Oyster, and more).

After all this talk, if you just want to join us for oysters and a beer, well, that’s great too.  After all, the Oyster is always the foundation and the pinnacle of what we do!  Something like the King Crab? Icing…