We can only hope.  A mid-April blast of winter should serve to keep the Maritime Fisheries (Oyster, Halibut, Mussel, Clam, Lobster) on the ropes – I got off the phone with Fisherman’s Market in Halifax and they said “more pack ice coming down from Newfoundland.” Outside Canso the lobster boats are getting stuck.  Ugly.  So instead we see nice oysters from New England, BC, Washington and California.  You can’t fight Mother Nature, but you can work around her.

Easter – We’re here on Friday the 18th – that’s a day for Fish, t’be sure – but closed on Monday the 21st.  “Where did he go?” We’ll be looking.

But Spring! There are some things to look forward to.  Wild Eastern Ontario Ramps. Fiddleheads. Shad Roe Season is just around the corner. A little further into May we might start to see the Soft-shelled Blue Crab out of Maryland.  And of course, warmth.  That fantastic day when the patio at the Black Bull is full and everyone is walking around with sunburned faces because they had too much Pabst Blue Ribbon and forgot to wear a hat. “The one day a year I forgot my hat!” they say, as they sadly caress their moustaches.

Come and see us.  We’ll take care of you.