It’s not quite winter yet, but September inches closer.  The leaves are starting to turn.  On Vancouver Island, home of the Kusshi, things are looking like this:

Whaling stn

My God, how depressing…

Rodney’s is going to be closed on Monday , September first, but back again on the second.  Then Fall.  We know the cold will be coming, which is too bad…

…unless you’re an oyster! Like the bear, the oyster packs on weight in the fall to get through a winter with very little food.  And as the season changes, so we see the oysters start to show themselves at their best. Between now and December you can expect to see plumper, denser meats, a nice gleam to the liquor, and an increasing crispness to the taste.  If you eat one oyster a year, sometime in the next few months is the time to do it.

And what of our operation in Calgary?  Still buildin’. End of October? I’m not even sure why we’re giving dates out any more. No one is fooled. It’ll be ready when it’s ready. But here’s a picture of the entrance, sans glass, lighting or really anything other than the walls.Aug 20 2 It’s going to look great when it’s done, but there’s still some work to be done.

(As a side note, anyone working in the trades should move to Calgary immediately.  There’s so much work out there it doesn’t matter when you say a job will be done – your clients will have to wait, because there’s no one else to do it! What a nice way to live).  We’re very grateful that Calgarians are still excited for our arrival, even though we keep teasing them with when our doors will open. Good folk, t’be sure. And eventually, we’ll have a nice oyster for them. Until then, good luck to you all.