We realized recently that, in the last 26 years, 25 of the winners of the Canadian Oyster Shucking championships have at some point in their careers worked for Rodney Clark.  A pretty good shucking pedigree.  How did we do in 2014?  Here’s a selection of the year’s results:

St. Pat’s Open – Ceili Cottage, Toronto – Julius Chapple, 1st; David Burns, 5th
Bytowne Oyster Fest – Whalesbone, Ottawa – Eamon Clark, 1st; David, 6th, Jesse Papastavros 11th (he was nervous)
Tine ‘n’ Vine – Niagara – David 7th
Ontario Oyster Festival – Rodney’s, Toronto – Pete Endl, 1st; Julius 2nd; Eamon 4th
Rocky Mountain Oyster Fest – National, Calgary – Jesse 1st
Montreal Oyster Fest – Eamon 1st; Julius 2nd; David 7th
Charlottetown Invitational – Jesse 3rd; David 9th
Tyne Valley Canadian Championships – Eamon 1st (6th time!); Jesse 9th
World Cup Invitational – Montreal – Eamon 1st; Julius 2nd
World Shucking Championships – Galway, Ireland – Eamon 2nd

Wow.  Pretty good showing, even by people not named Eamon! And a big thank you to everyone that takes the time to host shucking competitions, to the people that time and judge, and of course, to all the competitors, who go out and open oysters in front of a crowd, and pit themselves against the clock and each other.  Oyster culture continues to get stronger, and it’s great to see so many talented shuckers across the country.  And it’s great that we still do so well.  Modestly well.