Well, we’ve been talking to our Crab Brokers in Vancouver all Fall, and all Fall it’s been, “Sorry, no live Crab this year.” Turns out they were WRONG! First box of 3 crabs is arriving TOMORROW November 7th. We’ll see some more next week or the week thereafter.  So despite what we might have told you, we’ll have some crabs to share.  We’ll know pricing tomorrow when we get the boxes in.
The Fall fishery is of the Red King Crab, considered by many to be the tastiest of the three species that come out of Alaskan waters (followed by the Brown we see in the Spring, although we think the difference between Red and Brown is minimal at best). We’re really looking forward to having them, as we do every year, and we’re really looking forward to putting one aside for you and a group to share. Given that our dollar is tanking, don’t expect to see the prices come down from where they were in the Spring of 2014  – as always, the King Crab is a Big Night Out. Call Julius or Bronwen at 416-363-8105 ext 22 and they’ll put yours aside for you.