Red Alaskan King Crab. 8-10 lbs each. $71/pound. Wow! That’s not cheap!  But what a crab – we say, the best you might ever eat.  Gather a group of friends and call us to book your very own crab. We’ll tag it for you, so you know it’s waiting when you get here.  We serve them with whatever you feel might nicely partner with it – greens, if you think something healthy is called for, or nice fries and rings if a little grease is called for.  Pair it with a crisp Chablis or alvarinho, and that’s a nice night!

To book a crab, call the FOH at 416-363-8105 ext 22. We should see them for another few weeks or so.

PS – The Oyster Quickie appears starting December 15th. 24 Duke Oysters from our very own leases, unshucked to go, in a nice little box, for all of $30. What a bargain!

Live Alaskan King Crab