Well, 2014 is in the books. What a year! Eamon Clark gets robbed at the World Shucking Championships (after beating Europe’s best in Montreal a few weeks before), Rodney’s Calgary challenges us by NOT opening when we hoped, Julius has a large baby, we lose some good friends to the depredations of age, we gain some friends as their children are now old enough to buy a beer on their own.  It feels like everything is speeding up, and we’re grateful to those who come and join us, take a moment to consider the oyster and its journey, and just ‘hold on’ for a second in the busy day.  Well done, and thank you.  Without each other, none of us are anything.

So what’s on tap for 2015?
Rodney’s Oyster House Calgary opens its doors January 26th (thank goodness!) Bronwen – baby #2 en route in February. Golden King Crab in March. Urchins and Fiddleheads. The Ontario Oyster Festival on July 19. Eamon – baby #1 arriving this summer. And as always – Rodney Clark, the steady hand at the tiller.
Our commitment to serving the finest fresh oysters and seasonal seafood remains undimmed, and we’re looking forward to what the ocean’s bring us in the next 12 months. Come down and see us.  Hey, it’s –