If anyone ever suggests to you that opening a restaurant is easy, call ’em a liar. Lots of excitement through our early days – lots of things to rethink, lots of refinements to the way we work. Bait & Tackle, our quick-food counter is open and banging out great grab-and-go seafood for those in a hurry, and the dining room is slowly opening to accommodate more and more guests as our crew finds its feet.

If our first few days is anything to go by, Calgarians are excited by what we have to offer – feedback on our kitchen’s work has been tremendous – and also generous enough to overlook the inevitable mistakes that come with the first few days looking after *gasp* real customers after so many months of practicing with ourselves. We have very high standards that need to be met, and those can’t happen in a day. The great thing about this “Soft Open” window is a chance to improve our work, to fix things that aren’t performing as we had hoped, and get a more direct feel for the customers that will be keeping our lights on in the coming decades. We value feedback always, but especially now, as our crew gets up to speed on what we offer and how we offer it, so it’s ok to let us know if there’s something you think.(Ideally, all the back-end drama that happens during this sort of period (printers crashed! Credit card machines fail! Scallops overcooked! Where’s my oysters?) doesn’t affect the customer out front. But it sometimes does. It would also make for good reality tv).

Thing is, with all the various challenges that opening a new place brings, you also get to touch a whole new group of enthusiastic clients. You get to show people that might not be familiar with what you serve how great it can be, explain how it grows and comes to us, and share your passion for something with a whole new crowd. And we’re so excited to be doing that at 10th and 4th. The picture sums it up nicely. ┬áIt’s gonna be great. We’ll see you soon. – THE CREW
Dinner Jan 26.15