We’re almost 1/4 of the way through 2015! Wow.  And what a winter we’ve survived. True ‘character-building’ Canadian stuff, t’be sure.  But the diet of Rye and bannock is wearing thin, and it’s time to consider other, fresher sustenance. Golden Alaskan King Crab is a great first choice, currently coming in live from the Bering Sea (via Richmond BC) and running $64/lb. A nice treat, and this year, we’re getting some that are small enough for two to enjoy without emptying the kid’s college fund.  You don’t need to bring the whole office.  Delicious.

The Easter Crab is not (currently) a Canadian tradition, so when planning your Easter Monday eating, leave us out – we will be closed to spend time away contemplating our sins.  We will be open Good Friday, though – if there’s one real “Fish Friday” in the calendar year, that would be it, so come and see us before He rises, (not, to stretch the metaphor, during). We’ll be back again on the 7th, by which time He will have already left.

(For those Oyster Eaters that don’t do Easter, the calendar facts are that we’re open April 4, but closed Monday April 6th.  We appreciate you indulging us in the above).