In a sure sign of spring, Callinectes sapidus (or “beautiful savoury swimmer”) will be on our menu for the next couple of months.  Our blue crabs come from Maryland, which is pretty much their northernmost habitat.  Colder water than down in Florida, which means more fats, which means the tastiest of the blue crabs we can find.  The truck crosses into Canada Tuesday night, so we should see the crabs in-house by Wednesday dinner at the latest (barring a scuffle at the border).  They’ll be gone by the weekend, most weeks.  If you’re worried, call in advance to make sure we have them, but Wednesday through Friday the odds are good. We snip the horns off and fry them. Delicious.


Fun Blue Crab fact – the males have blue claws with red tips; the females have orange claws with purple ones.  Try not to eat the females – that’s where more blue crabs come from.

Now you know.