As the Latins said, “Carpe Shuck’em!” Loosely translated, it means “Hold and open,” and was used as a shouted toast before serious, orgy-level drinking began (“Hold” the amphora, and “Open” your mouth).

On July 19th, we’re taking “Carpe Shuck’em” to the next level, with the 27th annual Ontario Oyster Festival and George Carr Pre-memorial Southern Ontario Oyster Opening Contest.  What a mouthful! We call it the OOF.  Not only wine, but beer and Oysters (and hearts and legs?) will be opened that day, friends, and we hope to see you there.

If you’re not interested in reading more of this tremendous prose, and just want tickets, click THIS LINK to do it.

So what are we offering this year?

Date: Sunday July 19th.  Tickets from 1pm; Gates open at 2pm.

Tickets – $35 in advance, $40 at the door.  Each ticket gets you two drinks and one plate of oysters or other food item (but not a lobster.  It’s a lobster. Come on).

Drinks: Amsterdam, Steam Whistle, Beau’s, Sleeman, Kronenbourg 1664, Sierra Nevada, Neustad, Creemore, Mill Street, Cave Springs, Pares Balta (Bubbles) and Walter (Caesars).

Food: Oysters, Corn, Mussels, Coliseum Ragu (pasta with meat sauce), Christian Gazpacho (made with PQ Matane Shrimp or without), and of course, the lobster.  Now, the lobster costs $20.  For those that thought a $5 food ticket gets you a lobster last year, you were wrong. The lobster costs $20.

Entertainment: Piece o’ the Rock.  DJ Soulcial. Ride the Tiger.

The Main Event: 2015 Ontario Oyster Shucking Championships.  This year we’ll be splitting it into two tiers, a qualifier and the Championships.  Sign-up at the entrance to the event grounds.

Extras: Chariot Races (boat races); “Javelin” (ie Beer Pong).

All monies raised are in support of our 20+ year Charitable partner Environmental Defense.  What a time.


PS – We know the stuff at the top is b.s. We made it up. Carpe Shuckem? Not latin.