World Championships

The competitive shucking season is coming to a close.  The last real item on the calendar is the World Oyster Opening Championships, which happens in Galway Ireland each September. In what has become an annual trip, local boy Eamon Clark will be making the journey for a 7th time to represent the Oyster House, the city and the Country.  Last year he came 2nd (for the second time) in the only shucking contest we enter where the contestant can earn time back onto his score through subjective “presentation” points.  Reeks somewhat of ice dancing in the 90’s, but what can you do? It’s the world championships.  And it lets us visit friends like the Kellys, and stop in at Moran’s – 7 generations of Oysterin’ going strong.

The Irish Oyster should start making an appearance on our beds in October, both gigas and edulis (aka European) Oysters, as they come out of their summer spawning period.  The edulis pairs quite nicely with a drop o’ Islay single malt, like a Bowmore, don’t ya know.

Scotch 2