VALENTINE’S DAY? Oh yeah, we’re open on a Sunday.

We don’t open often on a Sunday – Day of Rest in the Christian tradition – but sometimes we just can’t say no. And we want to set all the lovers up to win on the 14th of February.  Help fire up the heart, and the loins, and all that.  We let the Oyster do the heavy lifting, but we give a boost with the aptly named ‘Love Bites’ (urchin, octopus and shrimp), a ‘Menage a Trois’ of U-10 scallops, Halibut and Squid, the ‘Warm Bath’ of sous vide Lobster tail in garlic butter and marinated beef filet, or a Whole Fish for Two.  One eyeball each, if you want to play it that way.  We, like the Oyster, do not judge.

Doors open at 4:30 pm on Sunday February 14th. Make reservations the usual way: here, or by calling 416-363-8105.