THE KING CRABS IS HERE MARCH 3! (And we’re open Sunday March 6 to serve them)

That first shipment of live product always feels like a scramble. You’re relying on a fishery to catch product, on packers to prepare and ship to you by a certain date, and hoping that all the various things that can go wrong and delay things don’t. When it’s finally confirmed it always feels last-minute. Especially with a product like a King Crab.

Happily, the King Crabs are en route, and will first be in-House Wednesday March 3 some time in the evening, ready for the weekend.

This year, we’re actually working with Kings not from Alaska but from .. Norway? “That’s not Alaska,” you say, and you would be correct. So why Norway?

The exact timeline is not clear, but at some point between Stalin in the 30’s and Khrushchev in the 60’s, the Soviet Union thought that dumping a load of Red King Crabs in the Barents Sea would create a new industry for the Workers. And since then, King Crabs have been running rampage across that ecosystem.

What this means for the Eater is that Red Norwegian King Crabs are a pretty guilt-free dinner – eating them helps reduce the pressure an invasive predator species puts on its environment.  And while in Alaska they are fishing the Gold, aka Brown Crabs right now, in Norway we see the top-tier Red crab.

Crabs are going to be $75/lb this season, and as always we’re looking for crabs between 6 and 10 lbs. We recommend a call  to 416-363-8105 ext 22 to reserve one for you and your group.  (For example, a King Crab sits very nicely on an expense account report).