The King Crabs continue their journey from the Barents Sea north of Norway to our tanks here at the House of Shells. We’ve had a terrific response over the first week we’ve had them in, and we’re not done yet. We’d love to reserve one for you and your closest friends/family/clients/mistresses. Or come down and eat one with us solo. Make a new friend at the Oyster Bar.  We’re all grown-ups, and we can do what we want.  Of course, iIt’s always best to reserve one, so you’re sure it will be here once the evening has been organized – call 416-363-8105 ext 22 and we’ll take down all the relevant info from you.


Spot prawn stampedeWe’re also going to be seeing the first live BC Spot Prawns of the season in a couple of weeks. Say sometime in the last week in March to be sure.  They’ve got a beautiful light flavour – we’ll fry or sashimi them, steam them or broil them. It’s quite a short season and we’re always excited when they come in, so be sure to check with us to make sure they’ve arrived (typically we’ll see them Wednesday or Thursday of a given week).

We’re always grateful that folks continue to enjoy what we do, and we recognize that we wouldn’t be here without your support. So a big ‘Thank you’ from all of us. We’ll see you soon!

– The Crew