The 29th Annual…

…Ontario Oyster Opening and Shellfish Festival is upon us! Happening on Sunday, July 17 in the laneway beside Rodney’s (469 King St), in support of the Ecology Action Centre, we’ll see the widest food and drink lineup yet!

Tickets are here: CLICK HERE FOR TICKETS!

The usual suspects – residents of our permanent draft list Amsterdam, Steamwhistle, Kronenbourg, Okanagan Springs, Creemore, Mill Street and Neustadt joined by crew favourite Beau’s Brewing and Muskoka Brewery.

Lots of links here. Wow.

Then we’ve got Basil Hayden Bourbon, Walter’s Caesar mix pouring with Iceberg vodka, our friends at Cave Springs, Pares Balta for clams ‘n’ cava in the Oyster Garden, Nobilo Wines pouring Kiwi SB and Rodney with his own Trumpian mixture.  Goldschlager, up.

Food – In addition to our own Oysters, Mussels, Shrimp and Lobster, we’ll have the Food Dudes in their truck, and Tutti Matti cooking some pig.

Music – New addition (and sometime ROH employees) Rowboat Rescue Operation join DJ Soulcial, Piece o’ the Rock and favourites Ride the Tiger to provide tunage.

Shucking – Best in the country. ‘Nuff said.  Sorry, Vancouver and PEI – Champions Live Here. 40 contestants enter; one walks off with 2016 bragging rights and a trip to the nationals.

Gates at 1pm for presale tickets; 2 pm for day-of purchases. $35 in advance; $45 at the door.  And if you read this far, YOU are the hero!