The King Street Pilot

It’s no secret that the City’s plan for transforming King Street into a transit throughfare is having a profound effect on local King Street businesses. Despite only marginal improvements in transit time, City Hall is sticking to its guns and refusing to work with affected stakeholders along the King Street Pilot area to minimize the impact of this poorly thought out and crudely implemented effort.  We would encourage anyone who has actually been down to King since the pilot began and experienced firsthand the loss in energy, vibrancy and traffic along this corridor to contact the Mayor’s office and the office of local councillor Joe Cressy and express their opinions.  They can be found here:

Office of the Mayor: 416-397-CITY (2489)               

Joe Cressy, Councillor Ward 20: 416-392-4044     

Here’s hoping that we can find an equitable middle ground, to improve transit without punishing those businesses that have helped make downtown a place you’d want to go.