OYSTER PRO 101 MARCH 5th at 7pm

We’ve paired up with Le Sommelier wine agency to offer another awesome OYSTER PRO 101 with two great wines. Join us online on Friday March 5th at 7pm.

Eamon Clark, international & 9 x Canadian Oyster Shucking Champion teaches you about the Oyster – how to shuck it, eat it & talk about it. Rodney’s has also chosen two Oyster wines to present; Bonnet-Huteau Muscadet ‘Les Guatronnieres’ AND Oliver Coste Rare (Carignan Blanc) from our friends at Le Sommelier.

This is an Oyster aficionado’s bundle and it’s a fun way to send an hour and a half. 15 Oysters (3 of each of the 5 species we eat in North America) shucked, plus another 10 unshucked Oysters & knife to hone your skills, a Pan Fried Oyster Kit and 2 bowls of Frost Oyster stew, to heat up at home. Wow! Get ready to get feel good. Each Package will do nicely for two people. $175/2 eaters

OYSTER 101 PICKUP                        OYSTER 101 DELIVERY