Valentine’s Day

We’re fortunate that every year, lovers of all ages feel the need to start their nights off with a nice plate of Oysters on V-Day.  We’re booking up, but we still have room at the bar for couples who want to join us on this, the most Romantic or the most Disappointing of nights (depending on your perspective).  To celebrate, here’s how to eat an ‘Erotic Oyster:’

  1. One person takes the Oyster shell, with the Oyster in it,  into his mouth.  Cup side down, pointy end (the hinge) pointing to his tongue.
  2. His date leans in. Mouth open slightly. Wets her lips (constant eye contact gets bonus points).
  3. Her mouth goes over the wide end of the oyster. Almost a kiss! Slurp the oyster down. Ahhh.
  4. Lean back. Exhale.

Monkeys eating Oysters etching