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    How to Serve a Lobster

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Closed on August 3, and “What’s a Kaipara Oyster?”

We’re closed August 3.  That’s a Monday. “Civic Holiday.” Unimaginatively named.

As we slip into High Summer, we start to see “Spat,” that reproductive character, come onto our Oysters.  Spat gives an Oyster a softer and creamier texture, and a slightly nutty finish. Nothing inherently wrong with it (in fact, some of our customers love a nice creamy Oyster), but we prefer our Oysters without.  So in July and August we reach across the Pacific to New Zealand, in the other hemisphere.  Where it’s winter.  In New Zealand we find the Kaipara Oyster.

We love a winter Oyster.  The fats are...read more

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Oysters are reported to have aphrodisiac effects. We invite you to test that theory. Often.

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