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That’s a wrap on the Oyster Festival this year. 
1300 people
480 lobsters
12800 Oysters
60 kegs of beer
200 bottles of wine
all the vodka and bourbon.

HUGE THANKS to everyone that supported us, from the suppliers to the musicians, the crew and especially the patrons.  All of them are linked below.

No final numbers yet on funds raised for Ecology Action Centre, but it was a great day in the sun. We’ll keep you posted when they come in.

Thank you Amsterdam Brewing, Mill Street, Creemore Springs, Steamwhistle, Beau’s, Muskoka Brewing, and Sleeman’s.

Basil Hayden and Iceberg Vodka. Caesar station from Walter’s.

Wine from our friends at Cave Spring, Noble Estates and The Vine.

Hey!  Another question people ask us, what with the King Street Pilot and all, is
Here’s a little map we made up.  Lots of options around us, so don’t be scared. Drive your car. Although it’s better to enjoy a nice bottle of wine and NOT drive your car.  Just our 2 cents.



Give us a holler (416) 363-8105



11:30 am – 10 pm | Oysters 'til 11 pm


11:30 am – 10:30 pm | Oysters 'til 11 pm


11:30 am – 11 pm | Oysters 'till 12 am


11:30 am – 11 pm | Oysters 'till 12 am


11:30 – 12 am | Oysters 'til 1 am


11:30 – 12 am | Oysters 'til 1 am

Closed Sundays


Catering, like oysters, is in our blood.

Long before Rodney “The Oysterman” opened his first restaurant, he brought the magic of the mollusk to Upper Canadians in their homes and at their events. Good shellfish, prepared simply and knowledgeably, and served with Maritime hospitality were the cornerstones of this catering business – and these values still hold true today

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