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Full Service Catering

To Book

To inquire about catering for your event please contact us: call (416) 363 8105 ext. 23 or email.

To Confirm

A 50% deposit is to be charged upon event confirmation. Final production selection is due seven business days prior to the day of the event. Number of guests is required two business days prior to the function.

Menu Tweaking & Dietary Restrictions

It is your event and we will do what we can to make you and your guests happy. Let us know and we will make it work!

Staffing & Rentals

Have a chat with the event manager. A quote will be provided for all that is necessary for a successful event!


The remaining balance is due at the end of the event. An invoice and scan of a credit card receipt is sent to your email one business day after your event.

Spring Vegetable Tart

Pass it Around

Fish / Shellfish

Fresh and Chip
Pink fish ceviche / potato chip crumbs / lettuce cup / tartar sauce

Poke of All
Tuna or squash  with miso / ginger / sesame / nori / green onion

Dungeness Crab Salad
Sweet Corn and Peaches/Creme Fraiche

Marinated Perch
Hard boiled eggs / chicken skin / gribiche / potato purée

Scallop Crudo
Cucumber / melon / fennel / Citrus

Hot Smoked Trout
Green and white bean salad / garlic scapes / bacon / ver jus


Tomato Tartar
Parmesan crisp / pickled quail egg

Smoked Root Vegetable Cheesecake
Sponge toffee / smoked nut praline

Potato Dumpling
Cottage cheese / smoked potato skin broth / potato skin crisps

Spring Vegetable Tart
Whipped cream cheese / wild garlic pesto

Curried chickpea tots
Tasty yeast / cashew ( Vegan )

Broccoli and almond loaf
Carrot cheese / sunflower seeds ( Vegan )

Albacore Tuna Poke


Sheets of Beef
Parmesan / capers / dijon / croutons

Smoked Ricotta Agnolotti
Bacon / shallots / sherry vinegar

Blue cheese / grilled bison / beef jus

Foie Gras Parfait
Smoked white chocolate shortbread

Chicken a la queen
Corn / spinach / confit garlic

Turkey Pastrami Croquettes
French dressing / kraut

Shrimp with Bone Marrow Butter

Things on Toast

Charred Strawberry and Jambon
Honey / dry chilies

White Fish Brandade
Fennel pepper

White Anchovy Bagna Cauda

Duck liver parfait and Apple butter

Uni and Seaweed Butter

Side Striped Shrimp or Periwinkles and Bone Marrow Butter

Fresh ’n Chips

Shucking & Grazing

Oyster Station
East and west coast selection / 5 of Rodney’s signature sauces ? freshly grated horseradish / lemon / on a bed of rockweed and ice

East Coast Kitchen Party
Fish pie / cold lobster and butter / potato salad / macaroni salad / butter rolls / fish cakes / kitchen sink salad

Let’s get Hammered
Dirty macs / the best breaded wings ever / pork ribs / dipping sauce station

Seafood Boil
Lobster / clams / mussels / corn / potatoes / house old bay / chips

Hot Smoked Trout

Things to Slurp

The Classic Chowder

The Not So Classic Chowder
Coconut / galangal / lime

Soup de Poisson
Crouton / rouille

Spring Pea Puree
Fresh cream

Garden Broth and its Bounty
Minestrone in style / vegetable broth

Table D’Hôte



Lobster and Citrus Salad
Brown butter / chicken skin
Fresh and Roasted Tomato Salad
Fresh cheese / creme fraiche / crouton


Arctic Char Wellington
Confit of arctic char / butternut squash and its gravy
Smoked and Pickled Summer Vegetables
Potato and herb piave
Dry Roasted Beef Ribs
Black pepper / fennel / creamy blue cheese / potatoes cooked in olive oil


Fresh Peach Cheesecake
Peach marmalade / olive oil
Crispy Chocolate Milk
Sweet cake / oreo cookie filling



Melon / cucumber / bitter endive / toasted almond / lemon oil
Garden Broth and its Bounty
Roasted vegetable broth / dill


Shakshuka / smoked paprika / saffron / lemon / crispy chicken skin / crouton
Lamb T Bone
Mint ash / asparagus / pine nuts / melted alliums
Cashew / tahini / tomato / hand cut noodles


Smoked Apple Tart
Bone marrow caramel / fresh cheese
A little plate of squares

Reach Us By Phone Or Email:

Phone: (416) 363-8105 ext. 23
Or email for more info