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Gift Certificates

Rodney’s Toronto Gift Shells

An old tradition at Rodney’s, these beautifully hand-drawn gift certificates can contain a special message for the recipient in any dollar amount required. Because of the unique, customized nature of this item, 48-business-hours notice are required to prepare them.* The Roman Empire wasn’t built in a day, and neither are our gift shells.**

gift-shells-fullRequest a Gift Shell

Fill out the form below to request a hand made gift shell. We will be in touch to sort out payment details.

*Please note that the shell must be returned to us when redeemed. We put them on the walls, and your visit gets woven into the fabric of the restaurant that way.
**There are no exceptions to this rule. Don’t ask.
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Gift Shell Terms & Conditions

  • Note: this is a request, and not a confirmed order. Orders will be confirmed over the phone
  • Can be ordered in any amount
  • Must be returned to your waiter at time of redemption
  • Requires 48-business-hours notice to prepare