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Take Away

We love Take Away! You can take our whole menu with you, to-go. Some of our more popular dishes that people love to enjoy at home, are the following:

  • Shucked Oysters, on the half shell, with our house made sauces
  • Unshucked Oysters, for you to practice your shucking skills a home
  • Ocean Wise Shrimp Cocktail with the sauce for dipping
  • Live OR cooked Atlantic Lobster, cracked or whole
  • Live OR cooked Dungeness Crab, cracked or whole
  • Our Clam Chowders; New England or Manhattan
  • Smoked Fish; Atlantic Salmon or Pacific Candied Salmon, with the specialty sauces to compliment
  • Fresh Fish fillet, uncooked, for your stove-top

Heading to the Cabin for the Weekend—we can pack in a styro box, on ice, for the travel.

Call 403-460-0026 ext. 1 to place your order with the Crew. We appreciate a bit of notice, 1 hour, so we can get it ready to go.