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Oysters are all sold by-the-piece.

Each Oysters price depends on the size, harvest location, species and grower. You can expect to spend an average of $3.75 an Oyster.

While our menu varies according to the time of year, coastal fishing quotas and weather conditions, we can always shuck-to-order from a selection of 9 to 16 different oysters daily.

Ask the crew for a mixed plate on the half shell.

East Coast:

  • Lameque – Baie De Chaleur, NB $3.25
  • Shan Daph – Big Island, NS $3.85
  • Cascumpec Bay – Cascumpec Bay, PEI $3.45
  • Cotuit – Barnstable, MA $3.95
  • Little Harbor – Bourne Cove, MA $4.25
  • Dodge Cove – Daramiscotta, ME $5.25 ** The Big Boys**

West Coast

  • Marina Top Drawer – Outlandish, BC $3.25
  • Kumamoto – Puget Sound, WA $4.95