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Take – Out

We Love Take-Out!

You can take our whole menu with you, to-go.

Order for Pick-Up

Curb side pick-up now available!

Call 403-460-0026 ext. 1 to place your order with the Crew.

We appreciate a bit of notice, 1 hour, so we can get it ready to go.

Oyster Kits

“Shucked” East Coast Canadian Oysters – $3.00 per oyster

Served on the half shell and packed on ice, with our house made sauces, lemon, parsley and freshly grated horseradish

“Un-Shucked” East Coast Canadian Oysters – $2.50 per oyster

Served on the half shell and packed on ice, with our house made sauces, lemon, parsley and freshly grated horseradish

Heading to the Cabin for the Weekend—we can pack in a styro box, on ice, for the travel.

*Oyster prices are subject to change without notice*


New England Clam – $10 / $13

A classic cream based chowder 

Manhattan Clam – $9 / $12

A classic tomato based chowder **gluten free**


Traditional Shrimp Cocktail – $24

Wild white shrimp, house made cocktail sauce **gluten free**

Tuna Tartare – $22 – 

Yellow fin tuna, ponzu sauce, avocado cream, wonton crisps **can be gluten free**

Alberta Beef Tartare – $22

Alberta beef tenderloin, egg, sambel , caramelized red onion, freshly toasted baguette, maldon sea salt, crostini **can be gluten free**

Chilled & Marinated Mussels – $15

PEI blue mussels marinated with olive oil, garlic, shallots and dill **gluten free**

House Salad – $13

Mixed greens, radish, tomato, shredded carrot, cucumber, house made vinaigrette **gluten free**

Caesar Salad – $13

Romaine lettuce, house garlic crouton, anchovy, grana padano cheese, house made caesar dressing **can be gluten free**

Smoked Fish

Wolf Head Hot Smoked Salmon – $17.50

Pickled eggplant, banana peppers, horseradish sour cream **gluten free**

Willy Krauch Cold Smoked Salmon – $17.50

Capers, onions, cream cheese, crostini **can be gluten free**

Haida Indian Candy Salmon – $17.50

Pickled eggplant, banana peppers, red pepper jelly **gluten free**

Cold Smoked Steelhead Peppered Trout – $17.50

Pickled eggplant, banana peppers, beet horseradish **gluten free**

Smokers Platter – $46.00

A selection of our smoked fish with all the fixings and marinated mussels **can be gluten free**


6oz Steak Frites — $26

AAA Alberta Beef, demi glaze, hand cut skinny fries, chipotle aioli **can be gluten free**

Green Curry Shrimp – $29

Shrimp, coconut jasmine rice, shaved carrots, broccolini,  mild green curry sauce, cilantro **gluten free**

Bay of Fundy Scallops – $29.50

Pan seared scallops on a bed of kale, spinach, mushrooms and broccoli **gluten free**

Shrimp & Scallop Pasta – $28

Linguine pasta, basil shrimp, Georges Bank scallops, asparagus, garlic, shallot, white wine butter sauce, olive oil, basil

Fish & Chips – $22

Two piece haddock, hand cut skinny fries, house made tartar sauce & coleslaw

Mussels & Frites – $21

White wine, garlic, shallots, dill, butter, skinny fries, lemon aioli **can be gluten free**

Tuna Tacos – $21

Chili rubbed Albacore tuna, house rub, pico de gallo,  salsa verde, flour tortillas, lime, cilantro, jalapeño, chili lime dressed cabbagge and carrot slaw **can be gluten free**

 Shrimp Cobb Salad – $21

Basil marinated shrimp, blue cheese, double smoked bacon, avocado, egg &  mixed greens with a bacon vinaigrette **gluten free**

Lobster Roll – $28

Butter poached Atlantic lobster, lettuce, fried leeks in a brioche bun topped with malt aoili and served with arugula salad and skinny fries

Crab Cakes – $29

Panko crusted crab cake on a bed of chipotle aioli served with broccolini and apple slaw

Live Lobster – Market Price

Boiled and cracked, potato wedges, clarifies butter **can be gluten free**

Dungeness Crab – Market Price

Live Pacific Dungeness crab boiled and cracked, hand cut potato wedges, clarified butter **can be gluten free**


Belgian Chocolate Mousse – $9.95

House made with Bernard Callebaut chocolate, sponge toffee, mint **gluten free**