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Rodney’s is the perfect venue for weddings of all sizes.

We have many areas that can accommodate anywhere between 10-300 guests. With our unique “industrial meets maritime” atmosphere and well lit space, we know your wedding will be something talked about for years and years.

Our Space

Fish Camp: 10–55 guests

With easy access to the bar, best view in the house with a variety of seating arrangements, this space is great for a smaller wedding reception or rehearsal dinners.

The Galley: 80–140 guests

The Galley

The Beating heart of Rodney’s with vaulted ceilings with natural light from our beautiful skylight. This multifunctional space is designed for both the ceremony and reception area. The versatile Galley has the option to be combined with our smaller engine room. It also includes your own private bar and oyster bar.

The Oar Loft: 35 guests

This open area overlooks the restaurant downstairs with rustic wood harvest tables. The room works best for smaller weddings, rehearsal dinners, smaller dance floor or ceremony space. The oar loft is a private mezzanine with spectacular views of the restaurant and natural light that shines though our beautiful skylight.

Oar Loft Bar: 55 guests (85 guests with Oar Loft)

Our private space that overlooks the beautiful restaurant that can be combined with the Oar Loft. This is an amazing space for an medium size wedding.

The Boulder Bar and Buy Out: 300 guests

The Boulder Bar and Buy Out

The entire restaurant includes 3 full bars, 3 oyster bars, bathrooms on 2 levels, custom menus- food & beverage and coat check.

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