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Oysters 101

Sometimes you just have to say ‘Shuck-It’, and add oysters to your gathering. Pair world-class oysters with world-class shuckers and you end up with entertainment, information, and of course delicious oysters.


Rodney’s Oyster 101 is a show and a lecture all rolled into one.

At your office, your home, or even at The Oyster House, we will unlock the mysteries of the beautiful bi-valve, answer all of your questions, and even teach you to shuck.

Your guests will leave with a belly full of oysters, and a head full of oyster knowledge.

Add a beverage! What’s better than learning about oysters? Experiencing an oyster and beverage adventure! Excite/tease your palate with a crustacean and libation pairing! Learn from a rowdy expert which wines, cocktails & beers pairs best with the oyster.

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Phone: (403) 460-0026 ext. 224
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