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Happy Hour

Happy Hour


3:00 pm – 6:00 pm

6 Oysters & A Drink – $18

Choice of  Draft Beer, House Red, White or Rose, Prosecco & Basic High Balls

$25 Dollar Bottles of House Wine & Prosecco

All Domestic Draft Pints (16oz) – $5

House Red, White, Rose & Prosecco (5oz) – $5

 Basic High Balls (1oz) – $5

Bud Light (355ml can) $5

Wild Rose Industrial Pale Ale (473ml can) $5

Wild Rose Barracks Brown Ale (473ml can) $5

On Tap

Alexander Keith’s – IPA

Steam Whistle – Pilsner

Wild Rose – High Harvest Hemp IPA

Trolley 5 – First Crush White IPA

Tool Shed – People Skills Cream Ale

Phillips – Blue Buck Ale

Big Rock – Rhine Stone Cowboy

Banded Peak – Summit Seeker IPA


Dredged and deep fried, tossed in shallots and parsley,  side of white boy ranch sauce

Fried Oysters – 4 / $12
Panko crusted and fried, served with tartar sauce

Chilled & Marinated Mussels – $15
PEI blue mussels marinated with olive oil, garlic, shallots and dill

Haddock Tacos – 3 for $12
Battered & fried haddock, creamy coleslaw, pico de gallo, salsa varde, chipotle aioli, cilantro

Scallop Sliders- 3 for $18
Pan seared Bay of Fundy scallops, lettuce, lemon aioli

Mini Crab Cakes – 5 for $16
Panko crusted crab cakes, chipotle aioli

Happy Hour