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Group Bookings

All Hands on Deck!

Our tradition is the Oyster Bar, but Maritime hospitality means we can’t resist a good party. With five private and semi-private areas, we can accommodate up to 400 guests at a time, with over the top oyster bar services and a strong, supporting libation roster. Ask us about customized menu options including non-seafood and vegetarian options to ensure there is something for everyone.

Group Spaces

Fish Camp

Pitch your tent here in the separate area of the upper bar and dining room. This space is great for smaller happy-hour gatherings, large group dinners, and “a la carte” birthdays.

Capacity: 10 – 55 guests, MAX seating 38, standing 55

Privacy Level: Low – Expect to make some new friends


  • Easy access to bar
  • Best view in the House
  • Can be exclusively booked
  • Variety of Seating Arrangements

The Engine Room

This little engine thinks he can. And he’s right. This room makes a great space for a private dinner party of 14 people. This area is closed off on all sides by distressed sliding style doors and antique shutters.

Capacity: 14 guests sitting

Privacy Level: Medium – mostly private with the option to open the antique shutters and view the bustle of the beautiful oyster house.


  • Smack dab in the middle of the action (Central location)
  • Beautiful custom made harvest table
  • Main Floor
  • Close to washrooms

The Galley

The Galley
The Galley

The beating heart of Rodney’s. This multifunctional space is designed for larger groups. The galley is perfect for set menu groups, or large dinner parties and special events.

The seats in the galley are interchangeable and can be moved together to create larger tables.

The versatile Galley has the option to be combined with the Engine Room. This creates larger sit down dinner area or a very large group 75-140 people. This expanded set-up also works well for stand-up style oyster engagements.

Capacity: 8-140 guests, MAX seating 80, standing 140

Privacy Level: Medium – mostly private, with views of the Boulder Bar. Exclusive access to space available

Includes: Private Bar, Oyster Bar


  • In the thick of it (Central location)
  • Vaulted ceilings with natural light from our beautiful skylight
  • Access to a private entrance

The Galley Bar

The Galley Bar
The Galley Bar

The perfect tool for social lubrication. This exclusive bar is the perfect venue for hosting Oyster 101’s and other social engagements. The bar can combine with the Galley to accommodate a larger group or a seated meal.

Capacity: 6-40 guests


  • Views of our live product tanks
  • Main Floor location

The Oar Loft

The Oar Loft
The Oar Loft

Feel like you’re above it all? Great! We’ve got the space for you. This open area overlooks the restaurant downstairs with rustic wood harvest tables. The room works best for oyster social events, or seated meals for 10–30.

The Oar Loft is a private mezzanine with spectacular views of the restaurant and natural Calgary light that shines through our beautiful skylight.

Capacity: 10-40 guests, MAX seating 30, standing 40

Includes: Oyster Bar, handmade wood harvest tables


  • Great view
  • Capacity for stand-up oyster socials
  • Perfect for celebratory dinners

The Oar Loft Bar

The Oar Loft Bar
The Oar Loft Bar

Looking for a bar with a view? We have you covered. Sip, snack and take in the beautiful view overlooking our spectacular Boulder Bar. With comfortable seating along the railing, prepare to be there a while.

Capacity: 20-60 guests, MAX seating 36, standing 60


  • Private space that overlooks the beautiful restaurant
  • No doors on the room
  • Can be combined with the Oar Loft to accommodate up to 120 people OR provide additional seating for a meal
  • Second floor location and easily secured space
  • Easy access to second floor washrooms

The Government Wharf

Just like the government, this room is where the best secrets are kept. Located on the upper mezzanine level, it is the only completely private room at Rodney’s. The room enables guests to enjoy a more intimate, undisturbed experience. The government wharf is great for private meetings, dinner parties and gatherings.

Capacity: 8 – 12 guests

Privacy Level: High – No one gets in without a retinal scan

Includes: side bar, video and audio capabilities (by request)


  • A/V functionality
  • Large communal table
  • Complete privacy for your group (we won’t ask, you don’t tell)
  • Easy restroom access
  • 70” Samsung TV for sporting events.  Great for presentations or Zoom calls

The “Buy Out”

Panoramic view
Buy Out

The whole shebang! We can do it all! Have a group over 200?! Ahoy, come party with us! Our beautiful sunlit space bridges east coast hospitality with the classic prairie good time! The room, atmosphere & oysters are perfect for a private function that wants to break the boardroom mould!

Capacity: MAX seating 220, standing 400

Privacy Level: It’s all you!


  • 3 Full Bars
  • 3 Oyster Bars
  • Bathrooms on 2 levels
  • Custom Menus | Food & Beverage
  • Versatile event structure | Seated, Standing or … both!
  • Coat Check
  • Multilevel space with both standing and seated areas
  • Vaulted ceilings with natural light from our beautiful skylight
  • Personalized Music Selections