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Our Owner is Maritime, our Chef is Peruvian, our love is the Ocean. What?!? You need more?

Each day, we change up our White Plate Specials, to provide additional dishes to the main menu offering.

Chef Rodrigo
Chef Rodrigo

Rodney’s does not demand a certain fish 6 days a week, so you won’t see it on our main menu. This is called a “Special” because we order based on what’s off the wharf, not what’s on the spreadsheet. Common fish at Rodney’s that we like to work with: Yellowfin Tuna from the Gulf of Mexico, Striped Bass from the Gulf of Mexico, Gurnard from New Zealand, Wild Halibut from Nova Scotia, Skate from the Boston area, Ocean Smelts from New Brunswick, Tail on Haddock from Boston, Hake from the Gulf of Maine, Red Snapper from New Zealand, King Salmon from Alaska or Chinook from BC. And so on. All are sustainably fished and properly sourced, as it should be. When you order the fish, you see the fish. It’s the focus and there’s enough to share with a friend if you’re feeling so.


Other Motions to the Oceans are found here. You see seasonal product, live boutique shellfish and our Chef Rodrigo’s excitement. Razor Clams, Prawns, Baked Oysters, Grace’s Soup Specials, Fried Oysters, Split Lobsters, Giant U-10 Sea Scallops, Geoduck, Urchin, King, Snow, Stone and Jonah Crabs, Ocean Smelts or Saltspring, Honey or Greenlipped Mussels. Every day is different and it can be rare to see the same thing twice.