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Wine, Beer & Drinks

Perfect pairings with craft beers and fine wines

We serve a carefully selected list of wines and beers, updated regularly to complement the seasonal differences in our fresh seafood. Our interest lies in great beer and fine wine, made by the most caring of hands and minds. Our list is chosen especially for those who know and appreciate the finest. We’re changing up our offerings fairly frequently – you’ll have to check in and see what else we’re opening right now. Below are a selection of our constant listings, ones that we feel complement our work with the Ocean all year round.

Selected Whites

Cave Spring Sea Legs Oyster White 2022
Glass $10.00 | Bottle $45.00
(Chard/Riesling) – Niagara Peninsula, Ontario

La Fiera Pinot Grigio 2022
Glass $11.00 | Bottle $48.00
Veneto, Italy

Tunella Pinot Grigio 2022
Glass $16.75 | Bottle $75.00
Colli Orientale del Friuli, Italy

Echevarria ‘Reserva’ Sauvignon Blanc 2023
Glass $9.50 | Bottle $42.00
Curicó, CL

Shaw + Smith Sauvignon Blanc 2022
Bottle $80.00
Adelaide Hills, AU

Dewazakura ‘Oka’ Ginjo Sake (4oz)
Glass $11.00
Yamagata Pref., Japan

Chateau du Coing Muscadet Sevres et Maines Sur Lie 2020
Glass $12.50| Bottle $56.00
(Melon de Bourg.) Loire Valley, France

Belisario ‘Valbona’ Verdicchio di Matelica 2022
Glass $13.50 | Bottle $61.00
Marche, Italy

Tomé ‘Lip Out’ Riesling 2021
Glass $13.75 | Bottle $62.00
Ancient Lakes, WA

Hidden Bench ‘Beton’ Chardonnay 2021
Glass $14.25 | Bottle $64.00
Beamsville Bench, Niagara, Ontario – ORGANIC

LaRoche ‘Saint Martin’ Chablis 2022
Glass $18.75 | Bottle $84.00
Bourgogne, France

Diznókö Tokaji Dry Furmint 2022
Bottle $72.00
Tokaji, HU

Brokenwood Semillon 2022
Bottle $75.00
Hunter Valley, AU









Selected BUBBLES

Terre Gaie Prosecco NV
Glass $13.00 | Bottle $58.00
(Glera) Veneto, Italy

Parés Baltà Cava Brut NV      
Glass $13.00 | Bottle $58.00
(Paralleda, Macabeo, Xarello) Penedès, SP – Organic

Selected Reds

Sandhill Syrah 2021
Glass $11.75 | Bottle $53.00
Stellenbosch, South Africa

Angeline Cabernet Sauvignon 2021    
Glass $14.00 | Bottle $63.00

Cave Spring ‘Dolomite’ Pinot Noir 2020     
Glass $13.50 | Bottle $61.00
Beamsville, Ontario

Plus – the Walrus List

This is our rotating ‘Reserve’ List, featuring Ocean-focused wines that we might not be able to bring in enough to list. A nice mix of still and sparkling classics and interesting expressions from around the world, with a selection of good reds for those who *need* Napa or otherwise with the meal.

The Captain’s Locker

Basic Rail (gin, rum, rye, vodka) 1.5oz  $9.00 and up

Tequila 1.5 oz $11.00 and up

Basil Hayden Bourbon 1.5 oz  $14.00

Scotch (single malt) 1.5 oz  $16.00

Pirate Juice 1.5 oz  $13.50

Rodney’s Caesar $15.00
Made with Walter Caesar mix, and served with a Gulf shrimp…

Rodney’s Caesar



Alpine $6.50

Stock & Row ‘Slow and Low’ Dry Cider – $8.00

Beau’s Lug Tread Lagered Ale (473 ml) – $8.00

Ardiel Pear Dry Cider (473 ml) – $8.50

On Tap

Amsterdam Space Invader IPA – Glass $6.50 | Pint $10.00

Muskoka Brewing ‘Craft’ Lager – Glass $6.50 | Pint $10.00

Beyond the Pale Clean Cut Kolsch – Glass $6.50 | Pint $10.00

Blood Brothers Blood Light – Glass $6.50 | Pint $10.00

Creemore Lager – Glass $6.50 | Pint $10.00

Steam Whistle Pilsner Glass $6.50 | Pint $10.00

Guinness – Glass $7.50 | Pint $11.00


Non-Alcoholic Beverages

Collective Arts ‘The Hazy’ IPA *$6.50

Beck’s Lager *6.50

Bellwoods ‘Jelly King’ NA *$7.50

Bottled Water *$7.50

Rodney’s Lemonade *$5.50

Boylan Soft Drinks *$5.50

*Do we even know? I mean, this is such a small part of things. I suspect no one has read this far, but frankly, non-alc beverages are pretty loose here. If you order a pop, it will cost what it costs. We don’t gouge, and this category is a challenge to keep updated. So – if you’re not drinking alcohol (good for you!), it will cost what it costs. Love to you all*